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A modern marketing plan should have a major focus on online marketing. EVOLVING MARKET can help Michigan businesses effectively utilize proven online marketing tools and platforms.


We can work with your business to determine which outlets will be most effective for achieving your desired online marketing goals. Learn how EVOLVING MARKET can help your business establish a professional foundation to build your marketing efforts around. 


Mailchimp provides a powerful and cost-effective solution for building a powerful email marketing list. Easily schedule weekly or monthly email blasts. Share unique offerings and service information. Monitor campaign effectiveness and segment your marketing list to maximize the success of your campaigns.


Google Ad’s provides a highly effective marketing platform for businesses of all sizes. Google’s powerful advertising platform provides tools to segment targeted markets using demographics such as geo-location, age, gender, income levels, buying habits, and more. Evolving Market can help you generate a higher return on your marketing investment.


Facebook offers an  impressively powerful platform for advertising. Facebook provides tools to highly-target and segment users. Zero in on your targeted consumers. Strategically display your Ads to users based on, pages and items they like and follow, personal affiliations, employment type, buying habits, age, gender and many other segments. Facebook also provides detailed analytics to monitor campaign effectiveness. Learn how Evolving Market can help increase the effectiveness of your Facebook Ad placement.


If your business deals in retail, or offers a unique product line, Instagram can offer a valuable outlet for building your brand awareness. Instagram provides a powerful media distribution platform. Leverage a highly-active community. Build a large following of individuals who show a personal interest in your brand. Use Instagram to help educate customers on what sets your business apart.


Proximity marketing utilizes both Geo-Fencing and physical beacon technology to trigger strategic Ad placement, and notifications to users within a specific geo-location. This functionality, can be built into a personal Android or iOS application. Take advantage of one of the fastest growing marketing tools, being utilized by top industry marketers, including Starbucks, McDonalds, and other major retailers. Learn how Evolving Market can help your business or organization tap into this exploding technology! 


SMS and MMS notifications provide a highly-effective method to keep your loyal customers in the know. With open rates of 80 – 90%, bulk text messaging provides a truely effective communication tool for businesses and organizations. Utilizing the leading gateway services provider Twilio, we can develop web and native applications which provide a tool for subscribing users, managing subscriptions, and bulk messaging. Learn how Evolving Market can help your business develop a powerful communication tool.


Analytics and tracking tools are key to measuring the success of online marketing campaigns and website performance. Create complete transparency. Evolving Market can help your business implement Google Analytics to which will provide highly detailed analytical data regarding your website and lead pages. Measure traffic and demographics, to help fine-tune your online marketing strategy. We can help you implement Facebook and Google tracking pixels. Follow your ad traffic all the way through conversions


Product and portrait photography services. Let us capture professional photos of your product line, services, business facilities, vehicals, and equipment. Evolving Market can also provide professional portrait photography for individuals, and group shots. Schedule a staff photo shoot to update outdated photos. Use professional portraits within your website, social media outlets, email signatures, as well as within print materials like business cards, and other presentation materials.


Video is a powerful outlet for demonstrating product usage, and educating consumers about business offerings. We provide video intro and outro development services. If you create content for a YouTube channel you need to include a powerful first impression for viewers. We will produce for your business produce an interactive, animated intro and outro that includes your logo, professional graphic development and background music.


Logo development services. Allow us to create a professional brand logo for your business or product. We can help capture your desired brand identity in a logo that will professionally represent your business. A professional logo will help increase business and build brand loyalty. Your logo will be vector based and ready to be used in any type of print or digital project. Learn how Evolving Market can help your Michigan business stand out!


Ad display design services. Allow Evolving Market to develop strategic Ad’s for your various online marketing outlets. Provide promotion details and we will develop the various ad display sizes needed for your campaign. Gain more impression value, and increase your brand awareness with professional Ad display design services.


Explore uncharted territories, think outside-of-the-box… We are happy to help you flush out your ideas and to do the research to see what it may take to deliver the unique marketing solution you desire. Contact us to discuss your internet marketing ideas and goals. 


Get started by requesting a free no-obligation consultation with an advisor. They will help gather the information needed to provide you with a custom development proposal for your consideration.

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